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High angle shot of three workers talking together while standing on a commercial dock

It’s true that trading and working with manufacturers in developing countries can offer many benefits to your business. However, often this strive for maximized profits can be at the detriment of legal, social, economic and environmental obligations Read more...

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child-labourChild labour is one of the major economic dilemmas of the modern world. According to UNICEF, more than 150 million children are forced into child labour, mostly in underdeveloped states in Africa, Asia and South America, with little in the way of labour protection laws.

While there are three major international

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importingTips to help you when it comes to building a sound supply chain for importing.

The method of outsourcing can help a business develop a competitive edge based on price, quality, technology, and/or innovation. However, the complexities of international trade are many and ever changing. There are a few constant rules to Read more...

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international-trade-disastersAs a manufacturer, there is a responsibility to abide by certain standards that ensure the safety and wellbeing of both employees and consumers. This guarantees the safe running of the business and maintains all products and services meet industry standards making them suitable for resale. History indicates that when these standards Read more...

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b2b marketplace fraud

One of the biggest apprehensions of buyers around the world, regarding online B2B marketplace websites, is the increasing number of fraudulent suppliers on these platforms. While established B2B trading portals have several verification checks and filters to determine supplier credibility, it’s still quite difficult to completely eradicate fake suppliers (like most other internet based business platforms).

That is also one

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